Flying High at the Airport Bar

“Susan, these are the boys – pretty good workin’ folks, but better drinkin’ buddies! Doesn’t hurt that Charlie’s is cross the street from the shop.”

“Hello guys,” Susan answered. “So you’re all aircraft mechanics?”

“Well, we’re actual mechanics, ma’am. Trax replaces parts! We fix his screw ups,” Todd said. He cracked open a can of beer and laughed aloud.

“Say that next time you need help on the Mr. Greenlee’s Cheyenne or Dotty’s Piper,” Trax said. “Hey, where is that Greenlee bastard? We gotta take the Cheyenne up tonight for a test flight.”

“The rich bastard. If I had his money, I’d burn mine,” Todd said.

All heads turned toward the door as Kate entered the bar.

“Hey baby, let me wipe off a place for you to sit down,” Todd said, wiping his hands on his lips. The boys laughed aloud as Kate rushed to Susan’s side.

“Honey, you O.K.?” Kate asked. She place her hand on the cut on Susan’s forehead. “Jesus, we need to get you to the hospital.

“Listen, Kate, let’s just get out of here.”

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