Ay Bay Bay

You Wanna Know Wat We Say In Da Club, Ay Bay Bay
Whites Folks Gangsta And A Thug, Ay Bay Bay
Stuntin wit a stack of dem dubs, Ay Bay Bay
Ridin’ In A Lac Wit A Mug, Ay Bay Bay

“I love this song! Let’s dance!” she grabbed his hand and dragged him out of seat.
“Hey, wait, no! I-” It was too late. Before he even knew it Matt was on the dance floor with the girl. He had no choice but to dance.
“Why did you do that?” Matt demanded.
“Because you weren’t having any fun!” the girl’s brown eyes sparkled.
“I was having plenty of fun!” Matt protested.
“Liar!” she laughed.
“O.K so maybe I wasn’t.”
Her smile widened. Maybe she isn’t so bad.
Matt shook his head. No! No more women!
“Who are you anyway?”
She didn’t even seem offended by the question. “I’m Karissa! Who are you?”
“I’m Matt.” He was caught off guard by her open friendliness.
I’m actually starting to have fun.
They danced until the song ended.
“I love this song too!” Karissa cried.
“I can’t do this!” Matt cried.

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