“Well,” said Kevin, “Wesley really helped us. Our body guard passed out, and, while we panicked, Wes knew exactly what to do. Then, when we got to the hospital, a bunch of fans had followed us there. She helped us get out of that situation too.”

“Wow,” said Ellen, “And you’re sure Wesley is just a friend?”

Nobody said anything, but Joe looked at Wes and smiled. They looked so sweet together.

Ellen could see nobody was going to answer, so she turned to me. “So, Emily, is that your natural hair color?”

“No,” I laughed, “This is hair dye.”

Now it was my turn to be put on the spot. “You know,” Ellen told us, “both of you girls are so pretty, I can’t see that both of you are single. So you’re not, are you, Emily?”

Once again, nobody said anything, but Nick shyly looked at me, and then down at the ground. I made the mistake of looking back at him.

“Okay, I see what’s going on.” Ellen looked back and forth betwen Wes and Joe, and Nick and I.

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