An Adventure

I jump out of the water and run around the truck to where Faith is and give her a huge bear hug. Makeing sure to get her even more wet then she is. We start laughing.

We lay next to the river for the rest of the day, waiting for our clothes to dry off.

It was dark out when Faith says, “Hey Bernard.”

I turn my head and look at her, “Yeah Faith what is it?”

She continues stareing up at the stars as she says, “Promise me that this year in high school will be an adventure. That something exciting will happen. I’m tired off this boring life style. I want to take risks, have fun. You know?”

Now she looks at me, “Yeah, sure Faith. I mean it’s high school right? That’s always gunna be an adventure.” She laughs at this.

That night as I fall alseep on my bed her words echo through my head. Promise me that this year in high school will be an adventure….

I close my eyes, open them and it’s morning. Here we go. I thought as I got up off my bed.

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