Wasn't Meant for Him

I run out of my house, late. My hair whips back and the pink skirt I have on plays around my legs while I run. I jump in the truck and close the door.

“Sorry I’m late!” I say as we take off. “Ooh, I like that shirt on you.”

“Thanks.” Bernard mumbles. “You.. nevermind.”

“What was that?” I ask, removing a strand of hair stuck to my lip gloss and tucking it behind my ear.

“Nothing.” Bernard says to quickly.

Neither of us talk the rest of the way to school. When we got to our lockers, Leo was at mine waiting. I smiled and started walking faster, but not before I noticed Bernard roll his eyes.

“Hey” Leo says, his eyes lighting up as I answer him back. “You look really cute today.”

I look down at my white babydoll tee and pink skirt, which showed off my tan. “This is nothing special.” I lied. “But thanks.”

“Shall we?” Leo asks and I link my arm through his. As we walk off I notice Bernard looking crestfallen.

This offit was meant for him.. But Leo will do.. I think as we turn a corner.

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