Straws! (a commercial we made in 3rd grade) [Terrible Commercial challenge]

scene One

Girl 1: (Acidentally spills some soda) Oh no! I’ve spilled some of my soda!

Girl 2 (which was me) : Hi Sheryl! Uh-oh! (slips on soda and falls on the ground)

Cut scene
Scene two

Sheryl: Oh, Summer! Your leg is broken! Was that because of my soda!?

Me: (using a cane) Yes it was. And it hurts….Very badly…

Sheryl: There must be something I can do!

Me: Yes, there is! (shoves a straw in Sheryl’s hand) Use a straw next time!

Sheryl: Thank you! (puts straw in a soda and takes a sip)

Both: (turns to camera and smiles)

Song: Use a straw, not a can! SUPER STRAWS !!

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