Time Travel Terminal (CLFM 24)

After the rockets launched I saw a young man, pale faced, standing to one side watching it all. I could see a blue aura around him.

“That’s him,” Les said, coming to stand behind me. “He’s the one that’s given us thousands of realities to sort out.”

“You mean, he’s caused all this to happen to me?”

A sheaf of papers appeared in Les’s hand. “Here’s a list of all the realities he has to repair, if you want to get back to normal.”

I stormed over to the youth.

“Do you have any idea how time travel works?â€? I asked.

“Nope, I just do it.â€? He was smiling, plotting.

“Look, son. Every time you change the past you create an alternate future universe! You’ve already made thousands of them!â€?


“It’s a MESS !! And now… you must clean it up.â€?

Reality blinked, the rockets began to launch again. The youth’s smirk faded.

“Fix these,” I shoved the papers at him, “or we go terminal.”


“We go to your birth,” I grinned evilly. “And it’s terminal.”

“I’ll get right on it.”

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