I Can't Wait to be _Her Hero_

Its safe to say now that she is mine, and I am happy to say that I am hers. If there is one word to discribe her it is cute.

Her gorgous body, skin the shade of the foam that appears on top of hot chocolate, and her pure angelic face drapped in natural waves of light brown hair. She is blessed. She is cute.

Her witty remarks, her inteligent sense of humor, and her gentle, caring for everyone around her. She is flawless. She is cute.

But un/fortunatly, noone can be just “cute”.

She is diabetic.
She is hypoglycemic.

She is damaged, and I can’t wait to be her hero.

She is strong.
She is brave.
She is Independent.

She dose not need any help, but I can’t wait to be her hero.

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