Surviving With a Boy

I awoke to him looking up at me once again. This time he was shaking me to get up. I am so thirsty. I stood up.

Me: What?
Mike: I got us some food.

He holds up some fish.

Me: How did you catch that?
Mike: I have watched a lot of survivor shows and movies. Survivor, Survivorman, Man vs. Wild, Cast Away, you name it.

While he was talking I got a chance to look at him. He is so hot! He was shirtless and was wearing Bermuda shorts. Of course he had a six pack. Stop staring!

Me: That’s hot… I mean that is great!

My face turned hot. Oh darn. He laughed.

Mike: You know being stranded here might not be so bad.
Me: Let’s just focus on surviving.

Mike gives me the look down and smiled.

Mike: That’s not what you were doing.

This is going to be interesting.

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