Cyke Sensor

DAILEY , MAKE IT STOP !!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, covering my ears with my hands and falling to my knees.
“James, I’m so sorry!” Dailey apologized. “But the only person who can make it stop is you or Anya.”
I felt like I was losing my mind, it was that same horrible twisting metal sound that I heard the first time we encountered the Cykes, Just a whole lot worse. I needed it to go away, it was going to make me go deaf.
Dailey…” I whimpered.
He looked very upset. “Anya should be here any moment.”
I did not care. I just wanted it to stop.
Then suddenly it did.
After a moment I removed my hands from my ears and stood up carefully. I saw Anna standing there clinging to Angela’s arm.
I turned around prepared to kill Dailey. “Wait!” he cried, taking a step back. “Let me explain!”
I stopped. “James, you’re a Cyke Sensor. You can sense Cyke’s in a certain amount of area. That’s the noise you were hearing.”
“Wait, you couldn’t hear it?” I asked.
Dailey shook his head. “No. I can’t.”

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