Shut Up

An air of impending chaos filled the room as I carefully studied the faces around me. I attempted to figure out who would cause the problem. Unsuccessful, I turned my attention to my headache. That terrible headache! So many voices, all just screaming! Some sounded extremely angry, some frightened beyond belief. And poor little me, having to field them all. I did so hate being telepathic. Everyone was scared, and they’d forbidden us to make noise, because they’d scream. And scream they did, in their heads and mine.

The ocean of screams began to solidify into words. Nothing of any use, just interjections like “NO!” and “Why?” and the occasional blast of vulgarity. My head was throbbing. I finally gave up, let go. I stood and screamed. Loud.

“SHUT UP!” I’d made a mistake, but they did follow my orders, scared looks on their faces. I fell asleep in my silence, waiting on them to come get me.

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