Only Ones Left

I cried as I came back. Everyone is dead. We are the only ones left. I ran out of the plane and sat in the sand with my knees to my chest rocking back and forth. I heard Mike come out. He hugged me tight.

Mike: You remember now don’t you?
Me: Uh huh, before I blacked out anyway.
Mike: Oh…

I stood up and looked at him. I could tell he was trying to look strong now.

Me: Mike?
Mike: Ya?
Me: If I blacked out, how did I survive and end up on shore?

He stood up and stared. It seemed like he was trying to find the words.

Mike: After you blocked out, it was a small airplane so they had some parachutes to use. They handed me one.

He stopped for a second and swallowed.

Mike: I couldn’t just leave you their so I put us both in the same harness and we jumped out. I saw that my sister was right behind me to jump out of the plane. We landed in water and I unhooked from the parachute and started to swim, thinking my sister was right behind me.

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