When Winter looked out her bedroom window it was raining. She was standing there in her “lucky” jeans and favorite hoodie. It was suppose to have been a good day. It had been the total opposite.

Winter decided she needed some ice cream. She walked down stairs and opened the freezer to find the first good thing to happen to her all day. Her favorite ice cream was sitting right there. Cookies and Cream. Of course, when Winter opened the carton, it was empty. Just her luck.

This was all Ron’s fault. Why was it that when she liked a guy he had to go and tell her he was moving? Well it wasn’t for sure yet… but it might as well have been. What boy would sit there holding her hand, looking into her hazel green eyes, and say “I’m sorry beautiful, I’m moving.”

They weren’t even going out. He liked April. One of her good friends. Yet he treated her like this anyway.

She really need to talk to Jay.

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