Blake's Discomfort [Part of "Five Years Later: A Simon Story"]

Blake was wedged between Agent Winters and Angela. Lillith had bound them all together, with two minions keeping a special eye on them. But Blake was uncomfortable for other reasons.

Angela’s body had been vacated, filled with Lillith, and then vacated again, before her soul returned. Blake loved her like family (either as a niece or a sister; his feelings on that seemed to fluctuate), but the girl was – not right. She was not 100% Angela, though he couldn’t be certain whether or not she was aware of that.

On his other side, Winters (an oddly fitting name for so cold a creature) was still looking at him with desire, as under his spell as when he’d first allowed the eye tattooed to his skull to pour magical wisdom from his body to hers. Can hardly blame her, he mused. When I kiss, I really kiss.

“What do you think he’s doing?” Angela whispered.

“Dunno, but if he comes back with Satan -.”

“I’ll kill him,” she finished, more ferociously than he’d have thought. Maybe she is family.

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