Unlikley Backstabber

It’s not like anyone’s ever gonna know what we did, I mean, who’d suspect us? I thought as I walked down the halls. As Noelle passed me I adverted my eyes, she exspecially didn’t know.

At lunch I sat at a table with my friends. We talked like normal, but Ken kept trying to touch me in any way possible and not get caught. It was on kiss! I think as I subtly push his hand off my thigh. Okay.. maybe two.. but still! I couldn’t even look Noelle, Ken’s girlfriend, in the eyes without feeling extremly guilty.

“Madison!” Amy said snapping me out of my thoughts. “Stop dreaming about getting back with Ken.”

Everyone laughed and I know my face turned red. They knew I still liked him, but know one thought I would go behind my friends’ back to get him.

After lunch, Ken caught me and pulled me into an empty classroom. He said things about needing me while trying to kiss me. I saw Noelle pass by and realized how horrible this was. I decided right then that if Ken ever touched me again, I’d shoot him.

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