Zoulag grabs a hold

The zombie motions us to follow over to the window. What could it possibly have to show us outside?

I tell Bella to stay put and follow to the window.

As I approach the window, I hear Bella yelp behind me. I turn around and see her in the arms of a zombie. As I gather myself to jump towards her she says “Mwhuraaaaaawwwur!” and the monster drops her and bows!

“What is going on here?” I shout. “Why Monty,” she says, “I am the Zombie nexus, and they are here to do my bidding”.

“But you are a person” I say weakly. “Not all people are affected in the same way by the virus” she retorts, “that is something that you lifetoids have not as yet understood.”

I steel myself to rid the planet of this beautiful monster, but my finger just won’t close on the trigger.

It is almost welcome when I feel the ice cold hands grab me around the shoulders and stabbing pain as the rough teeth bite into the base of my skull. The last thing that I hear as darnkess beckons is “Braaaaaaiiins… hmmmmmm”.

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