Talking Frogs Included?

Fog always puts me in a bad mood.It is not that I dont like the fog,it’s more like everytime it is foggy outside something horrible happens to me.

I was walking to school and all of a sudden a frog called to me.At first I thought that I had inhaled one breath, too many of this mist and that the moisture had affected my brain.Then I heard my name being called by the frog again.

Me:Are you talking to me?
Frog:Who are you,Robert Deniro?Yes im talking to you.
Me:You dont need to be so rude.
Frog:Im sorry,I need your help,I need you to follow me.

I was unsure at how to respond to the frog’s plea for help. I knew the school would call my parents if I didnt show up. But I agreed to follow the frog anyway.This turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes in my young life.

O why, O why didnt I listen to my parents when they told me never to go with strangers(mysterious talking frogs included)? But this cunning, charming,and,coniving piece of poo was very persuasive, and SEEMED harmless. Boy,was I wrong

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