For Real This Time

I don’t think I’ve ever cried harder in my life. I cried for me, I cried for my Aunt and I cried because I had friends that cared about me so much.
“It’s gonna be alright. Emily’s right, we’re your family and we’re not going to leave you.” he said stroking my hair.
I finally pulled myself togetherand dried my tears. “I can’t believe this.” I sniffed.
“What?” Emily asked.
“I’m sitting here, crying like a little girl and leaving tear stains on your shirt!” I laughed slightly.
Joe looked down at his shirt which was indeed wet. “Hey.” he said standing and offering Emily and I his hands. We took them and he pulled us up. “If that’s what it takes to get you back, I’m game.”
I laughed, I’d almost forgotten how good it felt to laugh. Emily grinned.
We went back to the sound check party. Kevin and Nick looked up at me with worried eyes.
I flashed them my biggest smile. “I’m fine. For real this time.” I could see the relief on their faces.
Now we can have a REAL party!” Nick exclaimed.

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