Does one size really fit all?

Over the next few days Penelope thought more about the “Oversized cozy sweater”, a lot mroe if truth be told. Finally, nearly a week after reading the add she decided to call. After all, how bad could one date be? After work that day she curled up in her favourite chair, took a deep breath, and picked up her phone. The phone seemed to ring forever and in the end an answering machine picked up. “Hi you’ve reached 375-9672. Please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” She hated machines that didn’t leave a name, but thought she’d leave a message anyway. “Hi, my name is Penelope. I’m trying to find the right sweater for me. My number is 375-8356.” Well she thought, it’s all up to him now. She was completely distracted over the next few days. Her friends all asked about it, but she wouldn’t say: she hadn’t told anyone about answering that personal add. She was a little embarrased. Each day she came home wondering if he had called, and each night she went to bed disappointed.

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