The Case

“Everything was black and dark. Very mysterious, why would Andrew want me to meet him here? I went down a couple flights of stairs, because he told me too in the text message. I wanted to see him and hug him, I was scared. We usually met at the Starbucks on Fifth Street, then went shopping at the Western Mall. I found him on the last level and he was on the floor unconcious. I started CPR , and called EMS , everything I was supposed to do. When the ambulance arrived, they told me he had been dead for over three hours.”

I couldn’t take it any more and the judge let me sit back down. Tears were falling so rapidly from my eyes there was no use wiping them away. I just couldn’t believe Andrew was dead. My boyfriend Andrew. We had been together for over 2 years and were so excited for our last year of high-school. We were both going to the same University. Our life was planned out so well, and then this happened.

I focused my attention back on to Jacob, Andrew's best friend, he has been so good to me.
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