Complete Secret

Jacob was the only person who was actually helping me through these hard times. He was so great, and a really good hugger. That’s definitley one thing I look for in a guy. Not saying that I would make a move on him. I mean his best friend just died, though it has been four weeks… but I still love Andrew…I think. I’m so confused.
“Hey Jacob!” We had made a new meeting spot. The Starbucks was too much for me to handle. Wow! He looked great. I checked him out as he stood up to hug me.His blue striped Abercrombie shirt brought out the colour of his eyes. His jeans hugged his waist perfectly. He shaggy blond hair was scruffy and adorable.
Whoa! Hold the phone! Am I seriously doing this? My boyfriend just died, four weeks ago and I am crushing on his best friend!

I wonder how Jacob would react if he knew I was thinking these thoughts. Would he totally freak out? Well for now, I have to keep this a complete secret to everyone!

“Hey Sam!” I hugged him. “How you holdin’ up?”

“Fine now.” I replied

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