When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in the eyes of your enemies

ok. it was my birthday. and i had this totally sick partayy planned. i got a dj, a huge-ass cake in the shape of a heart with “happy bday llama!” written on it. the whole sha-bang. evryone shows up. we’re havin a great time. the djs spinnin some rhianna. par tayy time! then we cut the cake.. then time to open presents. everyone gathers around as i open the big gold one that says “luke” on the tag. when i open it up its an ah-dorable louis vuitton makeup bag. im all like “omg! luke i love you honayy! thanks!” so that was great. then i open the next one, that new gucci perfume from my friend sam. “omg sam thanks a ton!” and so on… about thirty somewhat gifts later, i think im done when i notice a small bag with a green bow hidden in the back of the pile.

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