A Need to Survive

I ate the chocolate, though it made me feel awful.

How could I tell Jake? I barely believed it myself. Didn’t want to believe it. Somehow, if I pretended enough, it would go away. In the meantime I continued to feel ill.

Night came. It was a restless one for me. Yet throughout it, whenever I woke, Jake was there. Either cuddling me to comfort me, or sitting just inside the window, watching to see if they arrived. Each time I fell asleep, I would dream of them. Of the destruction and the death that now lay so many thousands of miles behind us.

Morning came and when I woke there was a chipped cup with tepid water and a selection of snacks from the machine.

“How are you feeling?” he asked, then laughed at my expression. “They haven’t arrived yet. We need to eat and get moving, maybe we can reach the coast, find a ship or a boat or something.”

“Jake, I…”

“I know,” he said, gently touching my tummy and rubbing. Stunning me to silence. “I’ve been watching. We need to survive for his sake.”

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