Love and Let Love

Thoughts chase themselves around in my mind,
spinning ever faster as a fierce wind changes my direction,
changing forever the course on which my life was set.
Now unburdened, free from my chains;
cold, inescapable, suffocating, unbearable.
For what is it now that I am to do,
unused to the freedom I have?
A new lifestyle, a different perspective,
now that I see what you truly are.
You’ve never told me the truth, not once,
but rather uttered harsh words and threats;
I wish that you’d gain some self respect.

Its about time, don’t you think,
that you learned to act your age?
All you speak that are not lies are just escapes from blame,
making excuses and guilting others for personal gain.
I pity you, so much I do,
your lack of willpower and determination,
your weak, dependent nature and childish tendencies.
So don’t keep crawling back to me,
I’m not here to comfort you,
I’m here for a bit of sanity in your melodramatic life.
Just give it up,
and remember:
love and let love

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