The Terrible Truth

As it turns out, the jump was not a good idea. As I floated gracefully through the air, the wind whipping through my hair, time slowed. If not for the urgent tug of gravity, it would have been serene. I thought I had finally escaped.

But then I hit the ground with the force of a thousand horses and it did not budge.

As my spirit floated from my body, I realized the terrible truth. I had not escaped. I had not escaped the world; I was just experiencing it in a different way. Worse yet, I had not escaped myself; I still felt the weight of all my thoughts.

Guilt, remorse, depression, fear, loathing.

I wondered, is this hell? Forced to keep company with myself with no outlet or means of communicating with the outside world. My God, I’ve made a terrible mistake.

“Either that or you did the only thing a reasonably sane person on this planet could do,” said an unexpected disembodied voice.

“Who are you?” I asked, timidly.

“I’m Goethe, your rehabilitation officer. I’m here to help you find nirvana.”

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