One Vmapire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.7

“Angie!” I screamed shoving the thirsty vampire off me with a push from my strong arms. “What!?” Angie said punching her vampire hardly in the face. “Stake,” I replied tossing one to her lightly. She caught it with ease and plunged it into the vampires chest, he burst into dust.

After the last was dusted I walked up to Angie who was holding her left arm. “One got you, I’m assuming.” I said noting the blood that was lightly trickling through her fingers. “You can contain yourself, right?” Angie joked giving me a crooked smile. I smiled back at the joke, shaking my head and licking my lips. We both laughed.

We made our way slowly back to my house. “What are you going to do when you come across my type of vampire?” Angie asked knowing that sun and wooden stakes didn’t work on her kind of vampire. “That’s when my being a werewolf will come in handy, you said you had to ripped to shreads and burned well the ripping I can do that better as a werewolf.” I said calmly looking over at her beautiful face.

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