One Vmapire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.9

“Not yet, your mother and I wish to speak to you.” He said, his voice rising as he began to lead me down the stairs. My father never raised his voice at me, hardly ever, and this caught my attention. “What’d I do?” I asked obediently following my dad into the kitchen. “Where were you last night?” He asked planting me into a chair and then sitting in his own.

“In my room. Why?” I began growing curious, he was never this interested in what I did. “Damn It, don’t lie to us!” He yelled standing and staring down at me angirly. “I went to you room last night to ask you a question for your mom and when I opened the door you were gone!” His face began to turn red.

I looked down not knowing what to say to him. “Well what have you got to say for yourself?” He boomed. “I’m sorry dad.” Was all I could say, was all I would say. “Well fine, until you decide to tell us where you’ve been going, your grounded!” He had calmed down a little and sat back downn folding his arms over his chest, his emerald eyes glaring.

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