Might As Well..

I raised an eyebrow at Young. He never gives me money, he’s cheaper than hell.

Meh…might as well.

I slipped the ten into my wallet, I really wasn’t in the mood for a yogurt. I stepped out anyway, I might as well make room for the free time that I have.

I walked across the shopping center and went into a nice little Italian place that has great pizza for pretty cheap. I go there a lot, the cashier is real nice to me. So is her daughter, she real cute, she looks great in blue.

It was a real bright place and it had a nice n’ clean feeling to it. I sat down in a comfortable chair at the long bar near the counter close to the cashier’s stand.

A lot of other girls and people from my school hang here.

Just as a saw a couple of girls looking at me, I heard a gunshot comnig from the other side of the shopping center.

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