Page 8

You decide to try to explain, in spite of your swollen tongue.

“Looft, offiserth. Tsst not whuth it loofts light,” you say, alarmed that it didn’t come out right.

“Stop your crazy talk and put your hands where I can see them!” the police officer orders, his weapon trained on you.

You drop the man’s wallet and raise your hands into the air. You can sense that the officer is somewhat green and was quite thrown off by your attempted explanation. This cannot be a good thing.

“You on the ground, sir.” The officer inquires, “Can you tell me exactly what happened?”

The person you tried to rescue looks at you, venom in his eyes. “This cat here jumped me and took my wallet.”

“Is that what happened?” the officer asks you.

You have another significant decision to make.

If you try to explain yourself one last time, turn to page 11

If you invoke your right to remain silent, turn to page 12

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