The Babe of the Band (Band Baby!!! Name challenge)

She’s that girl with the plad blue skirt, the one who always has to be right. All the band dudes steal glances at her while she plays her French horn.

Oh, but those guys are too late for this beautiful girl, because she’s secretly in love… with a Junior who plays the Cello. His name runs through her head all day, and her heart is too attatched to take notice of the other boys looking at her. She sees him in the hallway, and meets his secretive emerald eyes, which spill over with beauty like two jade holy grails… pouring over with what she hoped and prayed was love.
She does not dare to ask, though the temptation drags her ever closer each day. She wonders if he too is secretly in love with her. Could they stay this way? Remaining secretly in love, and secretly comitted to one another. But even feelings as promising as these do not eliminate doubt, which lingers under her heart, waiting for it to fall into its clutches. But what she does not know is this beautiful boy playing the cello is cursed.

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