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“I is in,” you reply.

You fist bump the entire crew, going down the line, each of them offering his own introduction of sorts.

”’sup bra?” Spike says, running his fingers through his razor sharp hair.

“Like your chill ‘do.” Bite says.

“Shut up, jive fool,” Pipe says, menacingly. “Stop bitin’ him.”

“Let’s scram,” Scratch says, pocketing money from the businessman’s wallet.

You set off in search of more havoc to wreak. “Since you new to the crew,” Skeletor explains. “You gotta prove if you’s really a cool cat.”

“Proper,” you reply.




Hoping to speed up the conversation a little, you say, “And how does I prove ‘dat?”

“Prove you the man with plan, Stan,” Skeletor explains, “Or might I say lower case ‘fran’?”

You have to prove your worth to the gang, or they will turn on you like the blood-thirsty leaches they are. You have another decision to make.

If you suggest scamming a retirement home, go to page 16.

If you suggest hunting down some fly honeys, go to page 17.

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