The Magistrate's Plan

“Equip me…” I said slowly, both eyes wide open now, “And how, exactly, do they plan to do that?”
He sighed, “They’ve been doing some research. Essentially, they plan to give you Vampire’s super strength, intelligence, and basic defenses (the need of a stake in order to kill us, for example), Werewolve’s intense speed, Nymph’s and Satyr’s powers over nature and forces, the Zombie’s ease of killing, Dragon’s protection and fire, and the Sphinx’s wisdom/mind reading.”
I watched him as he said all this. “If all this were possible, it does not overall sound like a negative thing. You, however, seem uncomfortable, so what is the catch?”
He sighed, “In order to give you all of these powers, we must convert you into all of them.”
I blinked, “You mean I’ll be a Fae-Vampire-Werewolf-Zombie-Nymph-Satyr-Dragon-Sphinx?”
“Essentially, yes, although you forgot Warlock, they impressed some of their powers upon you by raising you,” He replied.
I paused, thinking,”So the catch is all the extremely painful conversions.”

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