Who's There?

I woke up early on Thursday, got dressed and was anxious all day, awaiting tomorrow. Then at 12:00 pm I heard a knocking on the door. My mom got it, I went to the top of the stairs to see who it was. She asked who it was and I saw someone walking in without invitation. He was wearing a black, robe-like cloke thing, with a hood that shadowed his face. He talked, more like hissed, raising up what I took to be a short stick, “Where is the girl?” My moms face went white and she looked frightened, “What do you want with my daughter?” she said, her voice cracking. The man merely cackled, “Step aside muggle.” She shouted “NEVER!” My dad came running in and she ran upstairs, and shoved me into my room. But I caught a glance of a green light emiting from the stick and making my dad fall unconscious to the ground. I hope he’s ok.

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