Everyone Needs To Talk

A moment. One millisecond that changes everything.

It’s kinda scary when you think about it. When the door opens and you’re finally seen. Will it be for good or will it destroy everything you’ve worked for?

“Hey…”, he says in heartbreaking hush tone, maybe because it’s the first time in awhile that I’ve heard a whisper that is actually meant to help me. “Are you okay?”

Can I trust him with this?

“Yeah, I’m fine…”, I say looking at this stupid sticker that has rubber ducks on it.

“Are you sure? Cause you don’t-”

I turn my head to the see the doors, “I better go…” I start to grab my bag and get up. But he grabs my arm and stops me, I look at him.

“Look, I know we just met, but if you ever need to talk-”

“Why would you want to talk to me?”, I’m surprised at this, because no one ever wants to talk to me.

“Because Cassie, everyone at sometime needs to talk.”

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