the Penguin Perp and the Live Gorilla (Pure Randomness continued)

Speaking of penguins—as they waddled off one of the more blubbery specimens let loose with an all too liquidy vanilla bean bowel movement. I followed the line of ooze directly to the stubby tailed tookus of the ice cream perp. “I knew you’d slip up sooner or later theif!” I cried waving a clenched fist. The penguin perp turned and blushed, effectively topping off his gross display of manners with mind numbing cuteness, eliciting Awww’s from the crowd of Asian Monks that had gathered.

One Monk turned and said “do these robes make me look fat?” the other monk interjects, “No way girlfrieeeeend, you looking like a million pieces of warm appealing pie!”

I rub the self conscious monk’s head for good luck then dismiss him with a forearm shudder and a Bruce Lee like howl of satisfaction, “wwwwwaaaaaaaaa” I screech into the cherry blossom breeze.

I decide at once to get away from it all so I jump in my live gorilla vehicle, which isn’t a vehicle at all, literally it’s a live gorilla and ….

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