Coffee Mug

Ryan just stood there. All he could do was stare. He knew he was already late for his meeting with his new boss and the board of directors. But what could he do? His choice of coffee mug was was too important to take lightly.

The Starbuck’s mug? Too obvious. The one from the local jazz station? Too pretentious. The green stars? Shows lack of focus. Cats? Dim-witted.

With a heavy sigh, Ryan reached for the clown mug. Appearing to have ‘daddy issues’ seemed to be the best choice.

“Sorry, I’m late.” As Ryan sat down, he made a note of the mugs around the table. A thumbsucker here, a slob there, another afriad of snakes.

Then he saw the one in front of Mr. Walters, the CEO . It was a custom mug made from a family photo; the photo was of three kids at the beach.

“Excuse me, Mr. Walters?” Ryan asked nervously, “Are those your kids?”

Confused, Walters looked at his cup then replied, “No, I just found in the cabinet.”

Ryan silently packed up his belongings and left. He would never work for a pedophile.

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