Dead Air

“The Pillar has missed her scheduled check-in sir.”

The fleet command center aboard Glassner station was the central hub for all rimward activity. Day and night the room was staffed with officers watching monitors, relaying reports and requests. It was the brain that allowed ships spread over thousands of light years to operate cohesively as a unit.

“What’s that Daniels?” Commander Jacobs, the officer of the deck asked, moving over to the lieutenant’s station.

“The Pillar is seventeen hours late for their check-in.” Daniels repeated.

“Lang’s boat.” Jacobs’ sighed, “Probably another busted transmitter.”

“Should I extend the deadline Commander?”

“No.” He shook his head, “No, with the old tubs Fleet assigns to us they could just as easily be in real trouble. Send the Hammer to check up on them.”

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