Jonas Part 37: Separated

Well, there still was Kevin. But he is.. old. :] It seemed that the true, uninterrupted happiness only existed between Carly and Christian, Miles and Stephanaka, and Blair and Joe. The rest of us, not so much, especially since these new angelic-faced devils have come into the picture. The few happy ones were laughing jovially at Miles, who was being stupid. Kevin was winking at all the attractive, 20-year old girls walking around in their short-shorts. The rest of us were nervously glancing at each other. Nick N was absorbed in some story that Samantha was telling, but kept momentarily showing me and Thomas, well, me, but Thomas was in ‘range’ of his glance, his deep-set frown.
The happy couples had wandered forward, and Kevin went to follow a blonde girl in a pink Hollister tank top. We had been walking for about 20 minutes when Amanda got a text message.

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