A mysterious package

I ran into the house in a flat panic. Where were Angela and little Nick?

I knew this was to good to last, those bast… “Oh, hi sweetheart,” said Angela as I raced into the kitchen, “where’s the fire?”

“Whu, what?” I said “I thought, the front door was open…”.

“Oh, the delivery men must have left it open as they left,” she said brightly. “Here is the package that they left for you.”

She handed me a brown envelope, about 6 inches square. I opened it and extracted a DVD with BioWeps branding.

Without even checking its contents, I could clearly see the message. “Come work for us, we know where you live, and that you have gone to GlobTrak.”

Why oh why did I send them my CV as well? Having one villainous corporation interested in you is bad enough, never mind two.

I walked up the stairs resolutely to go and confirm my suspicions. As I plugged the DVD into the drive and the video clip started, I wondered what fate was now going to throw in my direction, and how was I was going to break the news to Angela?

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