Woken Up

He did. The cop cleared me, took me home, talked to Greg’s mom since she was my guardian while Boston was in college, and I got to sleep off the whole day…


“Hey, twerp, wake the hell up.” I heard a gruff voice and a strong hand shake me shoulder as I lay face-down in my bed.

“No…” I hate waking up, so I added a few adjectives after “no”.

I was flipped over on the bed to face a stern-faced Chris.

“Aww, c’mon.” I whined. “I didn’t even do anything this time!”

“Get up, or I’ll kick yer ass outta bed.” He said, walking up.

I sighed, and got out of bed in just my pajama bottoms and a knit ski-hat that I wear out of habit so my hair isn’t all messed up when I wake up.

“Nice job, ya saved our hides.” Chris said as we sat down.

“Yeah, I did.” I said, still pissed that I got dragged out of bed.

I got a good slap cross the back of my head by Chris for my comment. “Ya saved our hides, but no more heroics, okay?” He said.

“Sure, can I go back to bed?” I asked.

“Do whatever you want to do.” Chris smiled.

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