The Midway Scandal

The cart shifted again, jerking me away from Travis. I closed my eyes shut, the fear of heights creeping up on me. Then I felt something lay across my shoulders.

I opened my eyes a tiny bit and saw that Travis had put his arm around me, and the cage shifted once more. Now we were getting closer to the ground. I didn’t want the moment to end, I wanted to kiss him again, feel his lips upon mine. It was a wonderful feeling, and I would do anything to have it again.

I turned a little in my seat so that I was facing Travis. I kept my eyes open and upon him, never looking at the ground. He felt my gaze and turned his head, his jade green eyes sparkling again. Slowly he came nearer, the cart moved again, and he kissed me. It felt so wonderful and relaxing, just to sit there in the cart and have him kiss me. I never wanted the moment to end.

As we were leaving, Travis stopped in his tracks. His eyes grew wide, and another woman walked right up to him, a golden ring on her finger.

Travis was married.

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