Okay, But It's Gonna Cost You

Paul smiled, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. “Okay, but it’s gonna cost you.”

“What do you want this time?”

“I need a five-page paper on A Separate Peace. Deal?”

“Deal.” They shook hands.

“Remember, we shook on that, so you can’t take it back.”

“Why would I take it back? I’d do anything to get with Becca.”

“It’s due tomorrow.”

“Ass! I haven’t even read A Separate Peace.”

“Well, you better get started, then.”

“Is she still smiling at me?”

“Yeah, and for what reason I’m not sure. I always thought you sent off the gay vibe. Maybe that’s what you should do. Tell her you’re gay. Chicks love gay guys.”

“If that’s the best you’ve got, write your own paper.”

“Okay, okay. Just teasing. Looks like you’re in luck. Her girlfriend is on the way right now. Get out of here! And remember we’re playing cat and mouse here. Let her come to you. And when she does answer her barrage of pointless questions by leading her somewhere romantic. And don’t drink too much, Romeo. Your last paper was substandard.”

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