The clouds all looked like dogs

The clouds all looked like dogs, it was a weird day.

Jeremy had a ten dollar bill in his pocket, but he owed thirty on a parking ticket and had no other way to get cash besides robbing his sister. He stood outside her apartment holding a baseball bat, yelling curse words up at her. She stood on her balcony, holding her 3 year old bastard son, and yelling curse words back.

“You stupid fucking beaver shit, what the fuck do you mean you have nothing?â€? Jeremy wasn’t normally so prone to violent outbursts, but it was a weird day.

“You are a no good cockroach fucker, Jeremy. Go beg from Kyle, because you ain’t getting shit from me.â€?

“Oh, no you did not just fucking tell me to go to Kyle, you fucking bitch. Who fucking got you out of debt? Huh? The fuck is this ‘I got nothing for you’ shit when you owe me!â€?

Jeremy paced, the knuckles on his right hand standing out white from the grip on the bat. He felt like taking some practice swings but changed his mind; he didn’t want to look ridiculous.

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