Angels are Actually a real Bother

I rolled my eyes and pointed at the book he was holding in his hands, “Do we have to bother with the rest of the tests? I did pretty well in earth. Really well, as a matter of fact. Good enough to say I’m an earth.”

“Nope.” In response to my questioning gaze he smiled again, “I’m the tester. I decide.” I groaned which brought on another devestatingly gorgeous smile. A shadow of a smile formed when I thought about seeing that smile everyday again. “Thanks. I can’t wait to spend more time with you, too.”

Whack! He hadn’t managed to duck fast enough from my pillow.

“Oops.” I smiled with my best angel face on. Although angels are actually a real bother and not as saintly as people lead you to believe.

“I think you’d do best in fire right now,” he muttered into the pillow, “It’s fueled by unnecessary rage.” I tensed up and was about to calmly explain myself when the book started to glow.

I was ready for it this time.

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