Lifeless, Inches Away From You

I close my eyes and concentrate on the music pounding in my ears,
drowning out the gentle hum of the engine.
All my troubles seem to crash down upon me and I argue with myself internally,
trying to stop my mind from breaking down.
Exhausted from these relentless problems,
all I want is a release,
to let go of all the memories.

I become suddenly aware of a high screeching sound,
easily heard above the shattering music,
and my eyes fly open,
trying to locate source of the noise.
From the corner of my eye,
I saw a single car,
whirling out of its’ lane towards me.
Amazingly, as the car was spinning out of control,
I found a shred of happiness;
I would never survive the crash.
The cars’ back end spun around for a final time,
and the last image I processed was the terrified look on your face,
eyes wild and already losing life.
I reached out to touch you one last time,
but I heard the crash and saw the darkness swallowing me,
and my hand fell, lifeless, inches away from you.

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