You're a Good Friend, Sam pt.1

Dear Sam,

This is a little more wierd than I expected. Okay, a

couple weeks ago I woke up and everyone was gone. It was

kinda strange. At first I thought it was everyone on my street,

it took a couple hours for me to realize it was my whole city

that vanished. The people, that is.

But then, where are the authorities from the other cities

around here who should be investigating this and figuring out

how and why it happened? They must have vanished, too. I

dunno, I haven’t left the city yet. There is still power, which is a

good thing. I totally wigged out at first, though. After the first

week I started to deal, I guess. I didn’t want to leave my city

or do anything. And then today, I picked up this notebook and

started writing in it.

I didn't want to call it a diary. I just wanted something to do.

So I will talk to you, Sam. Maybe I can prolong insanity, ha ha

ha. Well, until tomorrow.

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