I woke up on a concrete slab, bound head and foot. This was not good. The last thing I remembered was having a coffee at the airport with Jen. Jen! Where was she?

“Unguh” she mumbled from behind me. So we were both caught. Great.

Whatever they had drugged me with was definitely not hospital quality. I had a hangover rather like the one I got from Egyptian snake beer that time in the Sudan.

“Why is the earth moving?” she asked. I had put it down to the drugs, but we were definitely moving. I sat up and squinted around.

We were on the deck of a cargo ship. In the distance Bruce Slokum was approaching. He headed the GlobTrak internal security team, and I had always thought that he looked a bit sinister. Today he looked wonderful. “Bruce, am I glad to see you! Get us out of these bonds, and let’s get out of here.” I said as he approached.

“Silence, traitor!” he snarled in his raspy voice.

He went back to looking sinister again.

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