I'm Dealing With Morons

“Traitor? What the hell you talking about? Untie us.â€? I tried to hide the panic in my voice as I struggled to break free from the riot cuffs that bound my hands.

“Don’t play me Phil. I know you’ve been working with Jim, feeding him information on our guidance system. They knew exactly when and where to strike.”

“Jim? Who’s Jim?â€? I tried to keep him talking while I pulled a pocket knife from my back pocket and began cutting through my cuffs. “Talbot? I’ve never even heard of the guy until a few hours ago.â€?

“We have a record of his username logged into your PC. Why would he be in your office if you didn’t know him?â€?

Halfway through the cuffs, I needed to keep this idiot talking. “You moron! I hacked into his account to get some dirt on BioWeps.â€?

“You two were the only ones not affected by the nano swarm. If you’re not working with them, then why are you still alive?” He had a point. “We’re going to let Tom deal with you once we get to Site B in two hours.â€?

As he turned to walk away the cuffs snapped free.

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