I reluctantly got up from the lush ground as the creaking of The Wooden Man’s joints grew louder.

“Hello, where have you been?” I asked curiously.

I have made something for you.” He said.”Come and see.

I nodded and walked forward. “What is it?” I asked.

The Wooden Man held up a tripod finger, and walked to the tree. He reached to the tree and tore a peace of wood out of the tree.

“What now?” I asked, so far unimpressed.

He silently laid the piece of wood in his hand. I watched in awe as The Wooden man yet again flaunted his amazing control of wood.

The chunk of wood folded and folded and folded into the shape of a small bird.

“Wow.” I breathed, holding it in my hand. “This is amazing.”

The wooden bird was about the size of a robin. It resembled the design of The Wooden man, looking like each piece was ripped off of a larger board.

Watch.” The scarecrow said, and tapped the wooden bird on it’s head.

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