Out-of-Order Challenge - He's No Hero

Niles stood from the table and walked into the tiny kitchen. “It’s a good plan, June. You shouldn’t worry so much.”

“I know…I know…It’s just…” June trailed off uncomfortably.

“What?” I said impatiently.

June looked down at the papers scattered across the table. The floorplan, the escape route, the bank’s records. “I feel like we’re not ready for the security. I know there’s only the one guard, but we don’t know what the hell he’s gonna do when we get in there.”

“He’s no hero.” I said. “Twelve bucks an hour won’t be enough with Niles waving a gun in his face.”

“Right.” Niles said, emerging into the room with a beer in his hand. “I got him. No problem.”

June still looked uncomfortable, but nodded quietly.

That settled, I changed the subject. “Now, I got the car. It’s a good old Buick. V8. Black. Fast. It’s a good ride and’ll do what we need.”

I eyed the route. Confidence mixed with excitement.

Niles leaned over and kissed June’s forehead in the way husbands do.

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